Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy Statement

  1. It is our policy to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of all employees and Sub-Contractors at all times. It is similarly an obligation on all employees and Sub-Contractors to co-operate with the Directors and maintain safe working methods.
  2. This policy will be implemented by the directors, who are the link between the Company and its employees and Sub-Contractors.
  3. The directors will ensure that:
  •  All employees and Sub-Contractors are familiar with safe working methods and are aware of potential hazards.
  • All employees and Sub-Contractors are properly instructed for the work they are to undertake.
  • Appropriate safety equipment is made available and used at all times.
  • All Contractors and Sub-Contractors working for the Company comply with the Company’s and statutory Safety, Health and Welfare requirements.
  • A Safety Officer (Director of the Company ) is to be appointed for all sites on which the Company is working.
  • He will issue instructions ensuring implementation of this Policy.
  • All hazards and accidents are reported to the directors and the appropriate statutory authority.All employees and Sub-Contractors are to be adequately informed in all aspects of safety in accordance with statutory requirements.

The directors of Composite Interiors (SE) & Co Ltd place the highest priority on the provision of safe working conditions and remind all employees and Sub-Contractors that they in turn have a legal responsibility not to risk the safety of their fellow colleagues.

R J Cooper            S M Tarling

Director                  Director